At Sarva Solutions, we have been rendering services in the legal services segment. Our team is a unique blend of attorneys who have worked as students, employees and employers in the budding legal process outsourcing industry. And here is what we offer:

  • - Contracts/Forms - Drafting, negotiations, management and review.
  • - Legal Research - Drafting law memos, surveys.
  • - E-discovery (US only) - Paper/ediscovery, coding, production, packaging.
  • - Managed Review Service (US only) - First level and second level document review.
  • - Intellectual Property Services.
  • - Bankruptcy (US only) - Form filling.

Specialties: IT Contracts, Legal Process Outsourcing, Contracts, Legal Research, Document Review, E-discovery.

Our team strives to reinvent and improve its existing processes in order to consistently deliver high quality legal solutions to our clients.

Know more about our specialised services

  • Attorney
  • Paralegal
  • Secretarial

An organization’s success demands a progressive and versatile array of specialized legal acumen. We specialize in the placement of legal professionals ranging from Attorney, Paralegals, Secretarial to legal proofreaders and everything in between. Our candidates are recruited from elite firms and leading universities. Also, we have a broad network of candidates whom we actively recruit through a variety of methods. An information data bank on candidates is consistently maintained to ensure highest level of accuracy in placement.

Our team of attorneys ensures that required case materials and information is moved across promptly to meet the deadlines, while saving our clients valuable time and resources. Our services on Bankruptcy includes:
  • Drafting of Bankruptcy Petitions Chapter 7, 11 and 13
  • Calculation of Chapter 13 payments
  • Preparing court documents, pleadings, discovery, and general correspondence
  • Going through the various set of documents, extracting the relevant information
  • Detailing the required information as per the schedules in the petition

Lease Abstracts

We provide lease abstraction and lease administration services. Our teams of attorneys are specialists in preparing abstracts that accurately summarizes vital business information contained in commercial real estate lease agreements.

Fifty State Forms

We offer support services to real estate companies in the development of real estate forms, conducting multi-jurisdiction surveys and 50 state survey reports.

Computer Forensics/ E-Discovery

We have an experienced staff of certified computer forensic professionals available to assist with the preservation, collection, investigation, analysis, and reporting of electronic stored information (ESI). Whether your project involves data recovery, analysis or expert testimony, we have the experience to assist.

  • Certified Computer Forensic Professionals

We offer computer examiner experts, many who are former and current law enforcement and members of the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (AICIS), who hold the Certified Forensic Computer Examiner (CFCE) certification. Our digital investigator experts are also members of the International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners (ISFCE) and hold their Certified Computer Examiner (CCE) certification.

  • Leading Computer Forensic Technology

Our certified computer examiners use superior tools on the market, including software from Access Data (Forensic Toolkit - FTK) and Guidance Software (EnCase).

  • Computer Forensic Services

We provide the following services through the US, Canada and Europe:

  • Case and Project Planning and Consulting
  • Preservation
  • Collection
  • Investigation
  • Analysis
  • Reporting
  • CCE Certification and Training
  • Expert Testimony
  • Complex Data Recovery
  • Backup Tape Restoration
  • Password Cracking

Relativity Support

We are committed to give undivided attention to every project to ensure continuity of a business enterprise and complete projects within established time and budget requirements
We provide Relativity® support services designed to supplement law firm litigation support resources across the EDRM lifecycle. Our team is experienced in providing Relativity support services to Hosting Partners who have been designated as Relativity®BEST IN SERVICE ORANGE. Our professionals are well versed with Relativity Version 9.2.

  • US-based project management
  • 24 hour project support and delivery
  • Best practices - Pioneering coding methodologies and standards
  • Compliant with ISO 27001 security standards
  • Compliant with ISO 9001 policies and processes
  • 15,000 docs per day
  • Double capacity in one week with prior planning
  • 100% Quality control
  • Accuracy rates of 98% or greater
  • QA random sampling using ISO 2859 standards
  • 400 Team members, 2 shifts (300 Coders, 50 QC, 20 Team leads, 10 Project managers, 20 trainees)
  • All coders with 3+ years experience
  • All project managers have 5+ years of litigation coding and QC experience
  • Remote business continuity sites for uninterrupted service
  • 24-7 Rolling delivery
  • Capable of coding 1,000,000 pages within three weeks of project start date

At Sarva Solutions, expert consultants are provided across the Legal, IT, and Records Management disciplines, to bridge the obstacles of disparate priorities and languages within a client organization. We serve as a catalyst to create and foster inter-disciplinary teams and collaboration within the organization.
We are an “on-the-ground” resource ensuring that records and information policies and practices are solidly grounded in the real-world business environment. We promote best practices that are tempered with the specific culture, litigation risk, and resources available to the organization.

  • Enterprise Wide Assessment
  • Policy and SOP Development
  • Policy and SOP Implementation
  • Employee Training
  • Ongoing policy Audits
  • Alignment of IT with the goals of Corporate Counsel
  • Recommendations for Reducing Long Term Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Pretrial Conference Preparation
  • ESI Inventory and Data mapping
  • Assistance with Meet and Confer Requirements and Strategies
  • Preservation Management
  • Ongoing Policy Development
  • E-Discovery Process Audit

Contract Drafting

The goal of a contract is to describe with precision the substance of the meeting of two minds, in a language that will be interpreted by each subsequent reader in exactly the same way. Contracts are drafted to reflect the purpose and commercial relationship between the parties, and ensure smooth work flow.

A prerequisite for a precisely written contract is a clear understanding between the parties, which is often achieved only after significant effort.

A precise contract has four elements:

  • It is accurate, meaning it correctly expresses the deal.
  • It is complete, meaning that all possibilities have been addressed.
  • It is exact, meaning that it lacks both vagueness and ambiguity.
  • It is able to withstand hostile, critical review. After the contract is executed, the next thorough review of its provisions is likely to be someone trying to breach the contract or sue over the transaction.

Contract Management

Contracts are managed to help the contracting parties to ensure smooth work flow, by informing expiry of contracts to enable the parties to take appropriate actions, by periodical renewal of contracts, and compliance requirements.

Creation and negotiation
  • Draft, redline, and negotiate agreements which are high in volume and less complex
  • Create and maintain standard template agreements and contract clause libraries
Execution and approval
  • Prepare and distribute all necessary documentation for internal approvals and ensure contract execution
Post-contract administration
  • Abstract and upload contracts into the contract repository with supporting documentation
  • Perform contract repository management – create files, alerts, renewals, and generate reports
  • Document, track, and report contractual obligations
  • Perform risk analysis deviation from standard terms, regulatory compliance, revenue recognition, and liability exposure
Contract Management Services, includes following:
  • Conversion of all paper documents into electronic formats
  • Systematic, indexed and safe storage of all paperwork
  • Periodic review and analysis of all contracts
  • Contract drafting and renewal
  • Recommendations for fresh contracts
  • Modifications of existing contracts
  • Negotiations support
  • Risk analysis of contracts
  • Contracts to always be ready for auditl
  • Reporting on a regular basis

Contract Review

Prior to the signing of a contract, contract review includes all of the activities carried out to ensure that all requirements are adequately defined, free from ambiguity, documented and can be realized. Analyze the various terms and conditions of the contracts; prepare review notes indicating the important sections/clauses of the contract, positive and negative aspects and their impact on client performance and financials. Suggesting suitable terms and modifications to protect the interest of the clients.

  • Identify and articulate contractual rights and responsibility.
  • Avoid and illuminate mistakes in a coded contract.
  • Prevent and rectify ambiguities in a contract.
  • Minimize the chances of conflict and safeguard clients interest.
  • Gain negotiation leverage and recommend best practice of each type of contract.
  • Identify discrepancy from standard terms and conditions.
  • Categorize contracts substantively and prepare checklist of key contractual terms and apply for uniformity.
  • Identify potential hidden escalator clauses, overlooked termination limitations, penalties and contractual limitation.
  • Check for compliance and regulations issues.

1. Database Searches
2. Applications
3. Docketing and Filing Services

Our attorneys are extensively trained and highly-skilled to do Intellectual Property Services like Database Searches, Application Forms, Docketing and Filing Services. Our specialists have the ability to research process, which involves multiple steps using resources with which many searchers are not familiar. The team compiles and analyze the research findings, draft provisional and non-provisional and National Phase patent applications to be filed in the USPTO, European Patent Office, and WIPO.
We are dedicated to deliver extremely high-quality and high-secured work products in fast turnaround times and minimized clients’ costs.

Intellectual Property Services
  • PCT Electronic Filing
  • Patent Docketing Filing
  • Provisional Patent Forms Filing
  • Non-Provisional Patent Forms Filing
  • National Phase Filing

We have a team of litigation specialists, who are ready to review documents in line with the client’s objectives and the need for quality and cost efficiency. Our specialists excel in compiling responsive documents, create document summaries and logs, perform 1st level and 2nd level reviews, and conduct reviews for relevance, privilege and confidentiality, redaction and substantive analysis.

Highlights of the Sarva Document Review process include:

  • Experience in reviewing more than 4 million documents for Relevance, Privilege, Confidentiality and case specific issues.
  • 24-hour, 7 days a week review capability for time sensitive and urgent projects
  • Free pilot project assessment
  • Proven and optimized workflow patterns ensuring efficient and accurate service
  • Direct project management and tracking between client and assigned project manager on real time basis
  • 100% QC coverage on all privileged and confidential documents and those identified for redaction
  • Second-level QA analysis on responsive documents to ensure compliance with client’s project requirements
  • Available rolling production of flagged documents
  • Review for:
    • First and Second Level reviews
    • Relevance
    • Attorney-Client Privilege and/or Attorney Work-Product
    • Preparation of Privilege Logs
    • Privacy and Confidentiality Screening
    • Redaction
    • Substantive Analysis
    • “Hot” Issues
    • Fact and Issue Identification
    • Depositions Preparation
    • Document Production
Our goal of every document review is to: (i) Provide the client with the highest accuracy rates; (ii) Ensure compliance with applicable State and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and case-specific Discovery Orders; and (iii) Where necessary, provide defensibility for purposes of FRCP Rule 30(b) (6) depositions.

Sarva attorneys are extensively trained and skilled in the use of web-based research applications such as Westlaw and LexisNexis. With valuable experience utilizing databases such as federal and state case law, federal and state statutes and legislative history, and administrative codes and regulations, our attorneys can efficiently and cost-effectively meet client research demands.
Moving further, our team has the skills to review and synthesize case law and statutes. We can also provide copies of relevant cases and statutes upon request or as attachments to any legal memoranda

  • Westlaw & Lexis-Nexis
  • Federal & State Statutes & Legislative History
  • Federal and State Case Law
  • 50 State Surveys
  • Administrative Codes, Rules & Regulations

BOT Model
  • Build Exclusive Facilities for Global Expansion.
  • Operate and Manage Facilities Using Best Practices
  • Transfer Management for a Seamless Transition

We assist in setting up Exclusive Facilities for those who contemplate to provide legal and paralegal services for export purposes or joint venture. There is enough indication that quality human capital, growth strategy, network management and professional training are the key drivers of any business venture. We have the knowledge to deliver solutions specific to service sector promptly, efficiently and at the fraction of the cost.

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